Manufactured Products

HPC tools are manufactured in our ISO certified facility in North America to the highest quality standards using the best materials available. We strive to provide technologies to meet our customers’ needs in challenging environments from high-pressure to high-temperature wells. With international distribution, we area able to provide the right technology and the right tool to complete the job safely and exceed expectations. Our ‘measurement-while-drilling’ (MWD) systems are designed to operate in diverse drilling environments, and our advanced technological innovations will give your company a competitive edge.

As an ISO certified facility our Manufactured products are designed, produced, and quality tested to meet the highest standards. We have a vast product library and can supply products anywhere in the world. Our facilities have the latest technologies, including CNC machines capable of producing components from the smallest to the largest or highly customized, with precision. Quality control and testing is unparalleled. Our highly trained and expert staff can effectively handle any request – no requirement is too small or too large. Regardless of industry, component size or volume, our Manufacturing facilities will exceed your expectations and save you valuable dollars in the process. The links below show some of the products we offer.

For additional information and to engage us, please contact Mike Lowell ( We have lots to offer, so let’s talk.