Aved Electronics

Established in 1979 and located in North Billerica, Massachusetts, Aved is an experienced battery pack manufacturing, cable and harness assembly and electro-mechanical box-build business that primarily serves the medical, defense, robotics and communications industries in the United States. Aved is a trusted value add partner with its customers, has a strong reputation for product quality and serves customers in highly regulated industries. Aved manufactures battery packs that are utilized in the development and production of high reliability battery applications such as medical defibrillators, CAT scan machines, MRI machines, medical analyzers, fighter jets, Humvees, and other related products. Additionally, Aved assists customers in the design and production of electronic assemblies ranging from power distribution panels to full box-builds. Aved’s technical staff is available to assist in every phase of cable assembly requirements, from identification of low-cost alternatives for bill of materials to determining appropriate testing procedures for the complete assembly. Aved provides a full range of engineering services to support the wire & cable harness, box-build, and battery power segments of the market.

Engineered Power

Established in 1998 and located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Engineered Power manufacturers primary (non-rechargeable) cells specifically designed and manufactured to work in high vibration/shock environments with temperature ratings up to 225C. Engineered Power specializes in lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCL2), lithium sulfuryl chloride (Li-SOxCL2), lithium carbon monofluoride (Li-CFx), and lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) chemistries and produces a variety of cylindrical form factors primarily servicing the oil and gas, pipeline inspection, oceanographic, and military sectors. Engineered Power maintains rigorous cell manufacturing processes including intensive production inspections (100% QA/QC) and ongoing reliability and shelf life testing. Engineered Power’s 42,000 sq. ft. facility includes three dry rooms, dedicated R&D / testing facilities all designed to ensure excellent quality and durability in all its products.

Lithion Battery

Lithion Battery has announced plans to build a lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nevada. The manufacturing facility will initially produce cylindrical Lithium Iron Phosphate (“LFP”) cells in 18650 and 26650 form factors. Plant capacity is expected to be >10 million cells per annum with a modular manufacturing line construction facilitating future expansions. The manufacturing equipment has been ordered with initial cell qualifying production expected to commence in Q2 2021.

Lithion Battery announced the acquisition of the Valence branded battery module manufacturing business on December 21, 2020. The Valence acquisition provides Lithion Battery with a suite of modules products and industry-leading BMS technology which will significantly enhance its custom pack offerings.